Business Setup in Botswana

Start your business easly in Botswana offers a range of top-notch services with respect to your business Setup in Botswana. We understand that setting up a business in a foreign country is truly a hectic task and so, we look to assist our clients in taking accurate and optimal decisions. Whether the matter pertains to company formation, licensing, incorporation, visa, consultation or professional advice, we have always been the ones to step up.


How can help start a new business in Botswana?, being one of the most notable business setup companies in Botswana. Is Proud to offer a range of comprehensive services that facilitate formation process of your company. They are specially designed in order to aid entrepreneurs and investors get their business setup in UAE without any kind of hassle whatsoever.

Services We Offer

Registration of the company

We work to get the registration of your business done. This includes the processing of relevant forms and then submitting them to the concerned authorities.

Application for trade license

Our specialists take the opportunity to apply for a trade license on your behalf. This gets a certain burden off your shoulders leaving you to do what is more important – running your business.


We take the headache of submitting all the necessary papers that pertain to the incorporation of your company in Botswana. We also undertake the payment of the registration fees in this regard.

Opening Corporate Bank Accounts

A corporate bank account is a necessity for doing business and we are always ready to help in setting up one for you. Without, setting up a bank account, your business is good for nothing. Setting up a corporate bank account is a process that takes time. It require certain paperwork from different entities and getting all these things together also takes time. We know how to hack time.

Renewal Of Visa

When you need to renew the Visa of our employees, you can always depend on us to get it sorted out. This process takes an awful amount of time if you don’t know where to begin. But with, you don’t have to worry about the Renewal Of Visa we have a dedicated personnel to do that on your behalf.

Clearing documents

Getting clearances can often turn out to be a big headache! In this regard, we help you by getting the necessary clearances from the relevant agencies in Botswana by submitting the required documents. This helps in the smooth running of your company. You don’t have to waste any time figuring out what are the documents you need, we already know them by heart!

Marketing and Advertising

We take it upon ourselves to assist you in utilizing the right advertising and marketing channels for brand recognition. This can largely improve your presence in the market and get your business up and running.

With’s professional services, our goal is to aid you in setting up your business in Botswana. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best assistance available. To know more about how you we can help you in setting up a business in Botswana, get in touch with us today!